About Us

Ms. Audrey is an affiliate marketer, dropshipper, social media influencer, and owner of Ms. Audrey's House.  And then there's her day job ...
Ms. Audrey's Closet was created in homage to Ceceli (AKA Teva), Ms. Audrey's best friend whom she lost to cervical cancer in 2011.  The one thing Ms. Audrey and Teva loved most to do together was shop (of course).  Teva had a strong taste for the finer things in life and loved shiny things with lots of sparkle.  Ms. Audrey dedicates Ceceli's Room to her best friend's love of bling.
Ms. Audrey was the clotheshorse of the pair, and loves shoes and purses (that MUST match).  She and Teva loved encountering a well-dressed man, and spent countless hours putting together beautiful men's outfits, especially when they encountered a willing participant (and his spouse).
Ms. Audrey's House, and Ms. Audrey's Closet, is dedicated to the love between best friends (forever), and a common viewpoint: Beautiful is good. Lovely is Better. Drop-dead GORGEOUS is the ULTIMATE.
Come over to Ms. Audrey's House, sit down, have a cup of tea, and let her show you what's in Ms. Audrey's Closet.  You'll love what Ms. Audrey has to offer, and you'll look and feel great. 
10% of all proceeds from Ceceli's Room is donated to Cervical Cancer research.
Much Love