Two more days…

This is the fourth day since CeCe died.  I waver between anger, sadness, numbness. My life has centered around her, I realize, for a very long time.  Not a day went by that I did not think about her, wonder where she was or what she was doing, and why she hadn't returned my call. … Continue reading Two more days…



C died Friday.  Two days ago.  This has been the longest two days of my life.  I was with her when she died.  I was holding her hand, talking to her.  I had asked her to hold my hand, and I really do think she tried.  Her fingers curled around mine at any rate,  but that … Continue reading CLC

Reviewing Resolutions

I wrote a post about five years ago, in which I discussed my attitude toward New Year's Resolutions.  My attitude has evolved a bit since then, but for the most part it is still pretty simple: New Year's resolutions are the lies we tell ourselves to make us feel better about the lies we told … Continue reading Reviewing Resolutions

She has such a pretty face…

I have been asked to take before and after pictures of my progress since the surgery.  Before pictures are out of the question.  During and after photos will come as promised.  Honestly, I have so many pictures of myself before November 29, 2010, that it should be very apparent that drastic change is in the … Continue reading She has such a pretty face…

I’M MELTING!!! (or, I will be)

Weight: 254.2 BMI: 40.8% Bone Density: 6.5 H20: 43.2%  Ok, so this is my last day as a "fat girl".  I have been overweight since I was a teenager (puberty hit me like a ton of bricks).  Not that being fat meant being worthless or unattractive.  In fact, I am told I am very pretty, … Continue reading I’M MELTING!!! (or, I will be)

Police brutality?

I would be much more sympathetic with the officer had he not stepped back and taken a good look at the child before he punched her.All this over a jaywalking ticket?  Something is very wrong here.  Several people felt it necessary to film this incident.  That alone tells me there is more to this story … Continue reading Police brutality?

From the other blog I shouldn’t have been writing in

For some reason, I was writing in the wrong place for a couple of weeks.  I finally figured out how to get that stuff imported here.  The links are to other posts.   March 01 IALAC It's not often that I blog twice in a day, let alone a week or month.  I have a … Continue reading From the other blog I shouldn’t have been writing in