I never considered how, or even that, this concept applied to my life until today, when I happened to read this entry (link below) on ‘urban slang’.

Now, those of you who know me, know that I’m not open to using any kind of slang. That doesn’t mean that I don’t, it simply means that I prefer to use more learned verbiage. Especially as it refers to certain subcultures, I tend to remove that sort of speech from my language simply because I don’t practice that culture, and I don’t relate to it.

That said, I am a huge fan of Tupac Shakur.

I have been a fan since his very first song hit the radio, and have remained a fan in the more than (WOW!) two decades since he died. Even so, somewhere along the line I missed the interview that is discussed in this piece. Had I seen it, had I heard or read it, I might have made some connection between his interpretation of what “thug life“ means and my own history long, long ago. It sums up everything that I have always admired about Tupac Shakur, gives me a new respect for who he was, and a renewed, deep sadness that he is gone.

Reading this made me think about the struggles that I have had to endure over the last couple decades as well. From fighting my own demons to charging into battle against people who spent an ordinate amount of energy trying to keep me and others from accomplishing our individual and collective goals. People who made it their duty to destroy anything that I created, and impede my advancement toward my own greatness.

To those people I say, you were never the impediment to my progress, because the demon that I was battling was never you. And so your time, energy and efforts were wasted. Had you channeled that energy toward something more positive you’d be much farther along in your own lives. Because some of y’all are still doing the same sh*t that you were 10, 15, 20 years ago when you tried to stand in my way the first time.

So there’s that. Not that I’d any belief whatsoever that any of those people were going to read this or even think about what I just said.

So, here we are. And now I’m well on my way to realizing everything that I ever hoped for and worked toward. My life ain’t perfect, but it’s pretty successful in spite of everything. I’m moving upward and onward.

Life is great. So am I.


Ms. Audrey


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