She has such a pretty face…

I have been asked to take before and after pictures of my progress since the surgery.  Before pictures are out of the question.  During and after photos will come as promised.  Honestly, I have so many pictures of myself before November 29, 2010, that it should be very apparent that drastic change is in the works.

I do not like taking pictures.  Pictures that show me from the shoulders down, anyway.  I look at pictures of myself at Pride last year and, before I see anything else in the photograph, I see the huge flap of fat between my breasts and navel.  I have never been comfortable wearing slimmers, body briefers or body trimmers (girdles, especially).  They irritate my skin and make me break out.  And I cannot stand being layered, especially when one of those layers is tight against my skin.  So I do not and cannot wear anything that would otherwise keep my upper belly flatter.

I have an apron, too.  Formally known as a pannicule (I think I spelled that right), it is a expanse of fat that encircles the waistline just above the hip.  I have never seen an obese person without one.  Mine hides well below my belt line so it’s hardly noticeable, not to mention my blouse usually drapes over it.  Above that, though, my body is no longer shaped in such a manner that would hide my upper belly.  My breasts are no longer big enough to conceal this part of my body.  I don’t know why I only began noticing it myself last year and can only imagine that, had I not transitioned from scrubs to officewear, I would never have acknowledged its existence.

So, no before pictures.  I will take as many as I am comfortable with during this process, and the difference should be noticeable.


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