Police brutality?

I would be much more sympathetic with the officer had he not stepped back and taken a good look at the child before he punched her.

All this over a jaywalking ticket?  Something is very wrong here.  Several people felt it necessary to film this incident.  That alone tells me there is more to this story than meets the eye.  Clearly, at least a few of these people felt someone’s story had to be told.

Had he called for back up at any point?  What was said between him and the woman?  Did either of the ladies threaten the officer?  Why was he trying to arrest them?  Has he had any such incidents prior to this one? Had he had a psych evaluation at any point in the recent past, or at all?

Clearly, this man has some anger issues he needs to work out.  Has anyone ever addressed this?  For an officer to feel that threatened and lash out like that shows a clear inability to defuse conflict, or follow procedure.  Is this man married or have a girlfriend?  Does he have children?  Have any of the aforementioned persons show signs of abuse?  This is clearly someone who needs more training, better discipline, or both.

Now, the woman involved in the scuffle:  Why was she so upset?  What did she do or say prior to the attempt to detain her?  What sort of language did she use?  Did she attempt to assault the officer?  From the video it does not look as though she had.  Did he attempt to detain her for jaywalking?  Did she have warrants?  Was she a repeat offender? Is she a felon?  One thing for certain that I perceived from the video is that the girl felt the need to protect her aunt (?) from the officer, and I have to ask what her motivation for doing so was.

This is going to get pretty ugly (and probably overreported) before it’s all said and done.  The officer is on administrative duty for now, and I know this is normal procedure in incidents that are not clear, but what else is being done?  Anything?


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