By the way…

I changed my mind about that chocolate resolution.

One thought on “By the way…

  1. Wow! I stumbled upon your blog (diary) quite by accident lady, what I read has really impressed me. You can write, as long as I have known you and I am not sure when it comes to your friends where I stand in longevity, there were so many things I did not know but now have scratched the surface. So you are a shoe person, interesting how one focuses on something when stressed or bored. Oh well, I am just making the point that I think I knew that but did not listen, I am listening now.Am I to understand that you moved again? This person you are living with, a tenant, landlord, in other words your place or hers? I read far enough back to Sharron, it really bothered me, I love pancakes and I do not remember you making them for me, I would probably had my own bottle of syrup though. Maybe you did, my memory never was as good as I remember it.Love yaStan

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